Friday, July 03, 2009

County Says Dumped Recycle Bins Were Damaged

We admit it: we recycle!

In fact, the Saint Louis County Solid Waste Management Program recycles as much of its waste as possible … just like we recommend everyone else should do. The recycling carts pictured in the article above are carts that were damaged beyond repair. They are all covered under the warranty we have with the manufacturer and, therefore, will be replaced – at no additional cost to the county or its taxpayers.

In 2008, the Saint Louis County Department of Health distributed over 104,000 black recycling carts to residents of unincorporated Saint Louis County. Of those, 45 were so badly damaged that they could not be used. The manufacturer didn’t want them back, so we decided to recycle them (they are made from #2 plastic and contain 50% recycled content to boot). We removed any usable parts and transported the rest to QRS.

Also seen in the picture are some compost bins that were also damaged beyond repair. We decided to recycle these as well (they are also made from #2 plastic and contain up to 50% recycled content). Earlier this year, our program held three free compost bin giveaway events. What can be seen in the picture are those compost bins too damaged to be given away or used.

As a result of our decision to recycle these otherwise unusable items, there will be less waste in our local landfills. We not only admit to making this decision – we are proud of it because recycling is the right thing to do.

Since the start of the new recycling program in Saint Louis County, recycling is up dramatically. So thank you Saint Louis County residents for choosing to recycle!

Yours for a better environment,

John W. Haasis, Manager, Solid Waste Management Program
Saint Louis County Department of Health


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Hmmm. Something just doesn't mesh here. Forty-six recycle bins were damaged beyond repair and are being sent to a recycling center. They had to have been damaged during shipment and delivery to county residents which was done between April & June 2008.

    This means St. Louis County stored 46 damaged recycle bins before they got sent to recycling? That doesn't make sense . . . just like too many other things with the trash program.

    Hats off to those using the trash and recycling program in subdivisions, but condolences to those who are not in subdivisions and those getting policies and regs shoved down their throat.

  2. Anonymous1:17 AM

    This entire project is a total waste of tax payers money.

    How can you be proud of your recycling when you are wasting so much..not just plastic bins, but money for staff,overhead and delivery/pick-up, processing of these bins. I'm sure many more bins were wasted that you have not even counted.

    I recycled half of my trash each week for years without any help from the county. It's appauling to me that you can waste all this money and claim my recycling to your credit.