Sunday, May 17, 2009

County Implements Trash Program for Health Reasons, But Supports Smoking for Financial Reasons

St. Louis County ignores the health of county residents by opposing a smoking ban, but says their trash program is to protect the health of its citizens. (Does trash cause cancer?)

Backers of the plan are discouraged, after St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley came out against the ban this week. Dooley says the proposed city-county ban would hurt the economy."I'm not going to do anything I think would impede St. Louis County as we move forward," Dooley said, "I think a smoking ban really needs to be done statewide."

When asked about the moral issue of second-hand smoke, Dooley said he didn't want to address that issue, because he's "not a scientist." Few people are scientists so that’s why we rely on the scientific community to do their work. Scientists tell us smoking doesn't just cut a few months off the end of your life. It reduces the life of the average smoker by 12 years. Hello.

(Source: excerpt from Smoking It's Never Too Late to Stop - Age Page - Health Information: NIA)

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