Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MoDot assistance vehicle but never knew how to contact them

Received the following message today and thought it worth passing on.

I've seen the MoDot assistance vehicle but never knew how to contact them. I would like to give everyone this very helpful phone number today. John and I were recently traveling on highway 270 and ended up getting a flat tire.

We were pulled off the side of 270 (which is very dangerous) and before I could get the spare tire out of the trunk, a MoDot (Missouri Dept of Transportation) truck pulled up behind us. He pulled up with flashers going to help deflect the traffic, saw our situation and changed the tire for us free of charge and refused to take money, a tip, or anything.

This is part of Missouri's budget for MoDot, he just asked us to give the number to everyone we know, put it in your cell phone, and use it. It basically covers the 270 areas, the major highways, Highway 40 all the way into the city (once it's completed), 44, 55 south past 270 (past Arnold I believe he said), highway 70, etc.

He gave me a survey and said to please fill it out and send it in, to keep them going. If the state determines that it's helpful they will continue the program. I'm not sure what all they are capable of doing as far as car issues, (I know they carry gas in case you run out of gas), but even if you're in a wreck and need them to divert traffic until a wrecker arrives, it's a huge help.

So here it is.... (314) 340-4100 (Add it to your cell phone contacts)

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  1. Anonymous12:44 AM

    I did not know this help existed for MO. travelers but now I will give this e-mail to all in my book. This could prove very helpful for accidents and peoples lives if they are hurt. I think this could very well be a life saver no matter what kind of problem you are having. What a wonderful help Modot will be. Thank you very much