Thursday, January 29, 2009

St. L Couinty Not the Only One Having Trash Problems; Board tosses single-hauler trash proposal

Residents in Morrisville, PA are having the same trash problems as St. Louis County residents.

Even though the proposal was not on the evening's agenda, the Lower Make-field Township Board of Supervisors voted to reject the single-hauler proposal.

Residents received a postcard saying, "According to a township proposal they want to force all households to use a trash hauler they select for you. You lose your Freedom of Choice. You lose control over price, quality, level of service and how you spend your own money"

The majority of the speakers at a recent Council meeting were against the single-hauler proposal. "It's my decision. It's my money If I'm not happy, I can easily choose," said a township resident opposed to the proposal.

"I think this is treading very heavily on my individual rights," said another resident.

"Where do you draw the line?" asked another resident, who suggested that the township could do the same thing with home heating oil and other services.

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  1. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I hope their elected officials listen better than our St. Louis County elected officials.

    Now that there is no competition left in St. Louis County, is anyone else out there having problems with their County Contracted Hauler???

    Missed pickups, no pickups, over charges, billing problems, bad customer service, poor service, etc. Now that there is no competition and no one else to call for poor service, the service you do get, has noticably deteriorated.

    You can't get a phone call through to your contractor, the county administration can't help, and just tell you to call your contractor, but your contractor don't answer, and not one returns calls. If you are missed, you just wait until your next pickup.
    If you have a billing problem, too bad. Just pay it. If you don't, they will stop your service and you get nothing.

    Thanks St. Louis County, you really made a difference.

    Now, lower our Property Tax.