Monday, January 12, 2009

Rumors Have Dooley Cleaning House in St. Louis County Police Department

The following was taken from Deb Peterson’s January 9, 2009 column in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.
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Rumors were swirling around the St. Louis County Police Department on Thursday that County Executive Charlie A. Dooley had told Patrick Twardowski, chair of the Board of Police Commissioners, and Sheila Hoffmeister, vice chair, that they were out.

Twardowski confirmed Thursday that he got the call from Dooley on Monday. Dooley was rumored to be trying to replace them with former Police Chief Ron Battelle and Calzona Hall, former director of the county's Department of Justice Services. Mac Scott, a spokesman for Dooley, said that such changes would require County Council approval and that it had not been sought. The next commissioners meeting was scheduled for Jan. 21 and has been postponed to Feb. 11.

The rumors also included information that current Police Chief Jerry Lee might be on his way out. Lee said he had no such announcement planned. Scott said Lee "runs what we believe is the best police department in the region."

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