Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dooley Surrounding Himself with "Yes" Men (And Women)

St. Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley is moving to oust county Police Chief Jerry Lee, according to several county officials.

One source said Dooley was upset with Lee's public disagreement last month over police pay. Dooley has been seeking support for the ouster among members of the St. Louis County Council, said sources. Evidently Dooley wants to be surrounded by "Yes" men and women. If you don't agree, you may be fired.

Dooley is also reshaping the Board of Police Commissioners. The Board of Police Commissioners hires and fires the police chief, but if the board does not do what Executive Dooley wants, Dooley fires the board. In effect, the County Executive can hire and fire the Police Chief by manipulating the Police Commissioners.

Dooley's spokesman, Mac Scott, declined to discuss the reports." Jerry is the chief and Charlie thinks the county force is the best in the area," Scott said.

Aaaa, excuse me. This doesn't make sense. Dooley says the force is the best in the area so he wants to fire the Chief. This is obviously not a business decision but a political one.

Many feel that's the problem with St. Louis County today. Too much politics and declining business decisions.

Lee, 60, has been chief since 2004 and has been with the department for 39 years. Now we're being faced with losing an experienced law enforcement official because of a disagreement. Here's a man who may lose his job for sticking up for his force.

The disagreement over police pay became public last month. Lee said that $1.3 million that Dooley wanted to add to the police budget to hire 14 officers as part of a Youth Violence Initiative would be better spent on raises for his officers.

"I'd give that money to my people," Lee was quoted as saying. "I've expressed that opinion to administration." Dooley was irate over Lee's comments, a source said.

Several sources also cited a personality conflict between Lee and Garry Earls, the county's chief operating officer. Earls characterized his relationship with Lee as "cordial and professional."

Obviously, Earls is a "yes" man.

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