Thursday, December 04, 2008

Charlie Dooley commits unarmed robbery on STL County

An article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on Dec. 4 . . . .

At this time last year, as housing values plummeted by 25%, property owners in St. Louis County recieved their "love letter" from Charlie Dooley and his Dem collegues on the County Council in the form of a Property Tax Bill that increased everyone's bill by an average of 25%.

People!...that is a net 50% increase, as housing VALUES decreased by 25%. This is clearly baldfaced unarmed robbery on the citizenry of St. Louis County by our esteemed leader, Charlie Dooley and his Dem majority on the County Council. If you tried to appeal this new rate last year in CHarlies "kangaroo court", you went through the farce that is known as their Property Tax Appeal system. You were luckey to not get an increase with those turkeys.

So, comes 2008 and the continued downturn on home values and those that tried to appeal thier taxes this year were told that they could not...your rate could not change for 2 years and you were stuck with another outrageous insult of a bill from the Dems on the County Council.

Why is it their fault you might ask? They had the chance to reduce the rate this year, but kept the same userous money grab rates and assements in place demanding the same amount of money from already economicaly stressed citizens...nice job Dems.

Charlie sat back and smiled a Chesire Cat grin as he racked in the cash from his ill gotten gains.

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