Monday, November 24, 2008

St. Louis County’s Re-Occupancy Program Still Not Working

After almost two years in operation, it appears that St. Louis County’s Re-Occupancy Program is still not working as it should. An “inspection and a permit for occupancy should be issued prior to the resident moving in.”

This is the case in many other cities within the county. The problem is evident when a single family residence is rented. Unfortunately the owner often does not inform the new renter of the requirement. After all, the owner is glad and anxious to get the property rented.

This is the point of the program - to limit occupancy based on the square footage of a home. It also appears that it is up to concerned citizens and subdivision trustees to ensure that the ordinance is enforced. St. Louis County is often in a “reactive” as opposed to “proactive” mode of enforcement with respect to many of its ordinances.

Owners of apartment building say they have not been faced with this problem and that St. Louis County aggressively enforces the regulation.

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