Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blog: South County Truth Spot

The following is taken from the "South County Truth Spot" blog site at:


"This blog has been created by a group of South County residents to refute the misinformation propagated by local bloggers, bureaucrats, public employees, elected officials, labor unions and their shills in the media. We are a bipartisan group whose only interest is to set the record straight and act in the interest of South County taxpayers.

-The election of Steve Stenger as 6th District County Councilman is a wake up call to South County. Stenger was hand picked by County Executive Charlie Dooley to get us into line. Stenger is a millionaire carpetbagger who lent himself $150,000 to defeat John Campisi. He has no connection to South County and will only tow the line for the Clayton bureaucrats. We will be announcing an effort to incorporate a new city of Oakville in the near future. It is time that South County takes it's destiny in their own hands.

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