Monday, October 20, 2008

Trash Districting Should Be Abolished

Resident adamant about trash districts . . . .

"Trash districting should be abolished, with people being EDUCATED AND ENCOURAGED to recycle, and subdivisions being ENCOURAGED to contract with one hauler, but NONE of it should be mandated, as we are free people here."

We see a clear example of what happens when government intervenes in the business world, one example is in regards to the mortgage crisis bailout. Had the government left the market to correct itself on its' own, we'd be damn near through this mess. But by interfering, the government is just prolonging this crises through this interference. It's no different than with this trash thing. Had STL CO merely pointed out undesirable situations with our trash, and informed citizens as to alternatives,such as recycling, then I feel the people would have supported initiatives to improve the situation on their own. However, no one, at least we non-Socialists, likes to have any government program rammed down our collective throats, especially when it violates the spirit and intent of the US constitution for freedom to contract with whomever you choose.

The People who pay their bills on time, and who live within their means, are not stupid, and we recognize being jerked around for what it is. And this trash thing is just another example of a social program designed to make those who pay their bills now pay for those who refuse to pay.

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