Monday, October 20, 2008

Thank You County Government, But With Another Opinion

A satisfied county resident speaks out . . .

"I want to personally thank the St. Louis County government for implementation of the contracted trash districts. I live in the Affton area, and three weeks into the program, things are running very smoothly. St. Louis County is finally doing something that the big cities (like Chicago, Boston, and New York) have been doing for years: unified contracted trash pickup and mandatory (in a way) recycling."

Recycling: If we care about the future of our Earth, recycling is a necessity. Curbside recycling only encourages more participation. It also saves the time, aggravation, and gas that it would take to haul this stuff to a recycling center myself. Thank you.

Cost: I am paying EXACTLY the same amount as before, but now I have recycling included, which I did not have before. This is a HUGE net gain of extra services for the same price. Thank you.

Trucks: We now only have to deal with huge, ugly trash trucks driving up and down the street one day per week, instead of five. From someone who has a different work schedule and sleeps a little later than most, I only get woken up one day each week, instead of five. This is a HUGE blessing. Thank you.

I often feel like residents of unincorporated St. Louis County get cheated out on some of the nice perks, policies, and decisions that other municipalites (such as Kirkwood, Webster Groves, etc.) make for their citizens. I finally feel like St. Louis County has done something good for their residents. Despite all the grief from the complainers out there, people will realize that this new program is a good thing.

Thanks again to Charlie Dooley and the County Council.

. . . . John P. Vogt

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Mr. Vogt posted the above as a comment on one of the other articles. The following is a reply received regarding Mr. Vogt's comments.

"Of course the trash and recycling plan works, but if I ever want to change to another hauler, I can’t do it. I’m tied to the hauler designated by the County for LIFE. I have no choice. What I don’t like is I no longer have freedom to choose."

It’s not that the program does not work. Sure the costs may be lower for many, and that there are fewer trucks in the subdivision, but I can still have that by choosing my own hauler . . . but the County won’t let me.

> If I don’t like my phone company, I can change to another one.

> If I don’t like my doctor, I can change to another.

> If I don’t like my dentist, I can change to another.

> If I don’t like where my kids go to school, I can change to another school.

> If I don’t like where I get my electricity, I can get it elsewhere.

> If I don’t like where my food comes from, I can shop at a different store.

> If I don’t like my TV supplier, I can change to another company.

> If I don’t like my Internet service provider, I can change to another.

> If I don’t like my hair stylist, I can change to another.

> If I don’t like my car mechanic, I can change to another.

> If I don’t like my neighbors, I can move.

> If I don’t like my job, I can change to another one.

> If I don’t like my water, I can buy it in bottles.

But if I don’t like my trash company, I’m stuck for life. Sure I can do battle with the County but then I’m doing battle with a political entity. If the County wants to provide a standard trash program, then the County should go into the trash business themselves.

Has anyone seen any reports if the County considered providing trash services themselves?

Has anyone seen any of the trash survey results they keep talking about?

Has anyone noticed the public comment forum at County Council meetings does not allow a discussion between the public and Council members? Has anyone noticed this is all a big waste of time?

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  1. Thanks for the update, have you been still enjoying the recycling program?