Wednesday, October 29, 2008

St. L County Trash Program Could Top $270 Million

Comments worth repeating . . .

"Meanwhile, a second lawsuit lurks, this one claiming that setting up garbage districts requires a popular vote. Now, the entire mess is headed for the Missouri Supreme Court."

"To top off the confusion, subdivisions representing a quarter of the eligible households opted out of the county plan, which means there still will be plenty of garbage trucks rumbling around."

"But Mr. Dooley and the council never effectively made their case, and now they've run into a legal minefield. They should pick their way out carefully and try again."

"Waste Management Inc. says it expects to lose $65 million in business over two years as a result of the changes. 'We had to park trucks and lay off over 60 employees," says a spokeswoman. "It could be damages that we'll ask for.'"

"The county will not divulge how much money they’ve spent on the trash program, but outside estimates are way over $10 million. If Waste Management expects to lose $65 million, the other three companies will probably loose a like amount. This means the total loss could well be over $270 million and growing."

"It’s amazing that no one within County management or the County Council will take responsibility."


  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    One thing to keep in mind-just because a waste company claims 65 million is what they'll lose doesn't mean that's the case. If anybody thinks that's an accurate number, I've got some land you need to buy. They may try and claim that much, but I'm betting that if any money is paid, it'll be substantially less than what is quoted here. I've dealt with a similar situation before, and in that case, the claim was approximately 18 million. The payout was about 800.000. So don't assume they are anywhere close to reality with this claim

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Yea, lost bussiness and lost net revenue are two very different things, and even at that they probably won't be granted the full amount of lost revenue.