Wednesday, October 22, 2008

South County Trash Meeting Produces Strongest Comments Yet

More than 150 residents from all parts of St. Louis County voiced strong support and objections to the direction county officials are moving with their flawed trash program. Earlier in the day the Court of Appeals ruled that the statue requiring a two year notice applies to St. Louis County. As a result, the County is in violation of the State Law regarding the controversial trash program introduced this year. The County charter requires that the County administration give a 2-year notice before establishing trash districts.

About eight or nine elected officials were present from the County Council, the State Legislature, attorneys, subdivision trustees and others. Comments from the elected officials were the strongest yet and included the following –

Ø “The decisions the county has been making are totally in the wrong direction.”

Ø “St. Louis County has just refused to comply with state regulations.”

Ø “Why does St. Louis County press on so hard?”

Ø “I am very disappointed in the county’s response.

Ø “I have never experienced such arrogance than that of St. Louis County.”

Ø “You should demand the resignation of Redington, Earlls and Dooley.”

Ø “This debacle will cost us tax payers millions.”

Ø “I wish the county would do the right thing.”

Ø “Residents can now choose their own hauler. There is no enforcement.”

Ø “The County government is the one who should pay.”

Ø “You need to sue the right people.”

Ø “We have to stop doing things half-heartedly.”

Ø “There is big money involved here.”

Ø “The trash haulers who lost should sue the County. If the winning haulers loose out, they should sue the County also for false representation.”

Ø “Charlie Dooley lied to us then and lies to us now. Don’t believe anything Charlie Dooley says. At the very beginning he said they would be doing a pilot program and it never happened.”

Note: The above comments were from our elected officials - state and county.

The following are comments from a county resident.

Ø “I want to see an accountability of all expenses for the trash program and the County can not or will not produce it.”

Ø “We’re trying to find out how much money has been spent on the trash program and we’re estimating it’s approaching $20 million and we’re all paying for it.”

One participant quoted Pat Redington, County Attorney, as saying, “One little court isn’t going to stop us. We’ll pursue this to the Supreme Court.”

Redington is on the hot seat not only for her bastardized trash program rulings but also for her questionable actions taken on the trash sub-station proposed for South County.

A recent Charlie Dooley quote to a county business exec, “I owe you absolutely nothing.”

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  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    The reality of this botched up plan, is simply another example of just how bad St. Louis County is run. It's not only the Solid Waste mess, but the county has screwed up Re-Assesment, has screwed up Metro Link, now the trash services, etc. They refuse to pay police officers and more money, but yet continue to waste tax payers money on crazy political wimsey.
    It is time that Taxpayers revolt, and vote down every additional tax increase the County is seeking, until they can prove Responsibility as well as Accountability. And, while you are voting, send home all those responsible for ignoring us Taxpayers. We need new leadership.