Thursday, October 09, 2008

Now I Have to Clean My Trash Can Thanks to My New Hauler

Anonymous says . . .

Ok. Here’s the deal. We kept the “big ass recycle can” that we were given by the County so that we can be good citizens and try to get into the habit of recycling. We also bought a new trash can since our old ones were all beat up (David didn’t believe in using the wheels – he dragged them back and forth on the driveway and put holes in the bottoms of our trash cans).

So, we bought our own “big ass trash can” for the trash. It was in wonderful condition – we’ve only had it for about 6 months, and Allied Waste took very good care of it when THEY were our trash haulers.

Today, Veolia took over. When I got home from having lunch, I went to put our trash can in the garage. First of all, Veolia had MY trash cans sitting on my neighbor’s driveway – very close to MY driveway, but next to it – on MY NEIGHBOR’S driveway. Easy mistake. The driveways ARE close together. No problem.

The problem was that my BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN, ALMOST NEW trash can (that Allied Waste took VERY GOOD care of) was full of mud!!!!!! WHAT’S UP WITH THAT???!!! It seems that THEIR policy is to take my trash, but leave me mud! I have enough things to clean!! NOW, I have to clean my TRASH CAN!!!!! -----------

Just thought I’d add to the chaos in the “Wonderful World of Trash”!

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