Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Burglar Deterrent for Subdivision Homes

We're sure your home is a sanctuary for gadgets and electronics... problem is thieves love expensive 5.1 surround systems just as much as you do. So what happens when you need to leave your humble abode for several weeks while making an annual pilgrimage to Tokyo? Well your Mom would tell you to simply leave a TV on in an upstairs window to give your would-be burglars the impression you are at home. Problem is, leaving your 50 inch plasma display to burn-in for days on end is not a desirable solution either.

Luckily the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device has got your back. This small white box is only vaguely reminiscent of a TV, but it features a series of LED lights that glow to simulate the changing screen of a real TV. Put it behind some blinds or in an upstairs window and it creates the completely convincing effect of an active TV. Potential thieves will assume you are at home and instead choose to break into your neighbor's house and rip off their collection of old betamax VCRs.

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