Monday, October 13, 2008

County Trash Explanation Amounts to An Apology

St. Louis County Chief Operating Officer, Garry Earls, sent a post card to subdivision trustees for what amounts to an apology for the mass confusion being experienced across the county for the county's trash program. One of the biggest complaints heard from trustees and residents is the lack of communication from the County. This effort is "after the fact." Any program the magnitude of the county-wide trash program should have included massive communications to all residents before implementation, not after.

Check the comments of residents posted to other articles at this website for their views.

Three trash haulers were selected by the county out of more than 20 serving the metro area. The other 17+ have been shut out. The county is now proposing legislation to apply heavy penalties to any hauler attempting to serve residents in any of their assigned eight trash districts with up to a year in jail and/or $1,000 in fines.

Who would have thought that collecting trash would result in jail time and/or fines?

If your subdivision is having problems with hauling of trash, contact County officials at 615-HAUL.

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  1. John P Vogt8:50 PM

    I want to personally thank the St. Louis County government for implementation of the contracted trash districts. I live in the Affton area, and three weeks into the program, things are running very smoothly. St. Louis County is finally doing something that the big cities (like Chicago, Boston, and New York) have been doing for years: unified contracted trash pickup and mandatory (in a way) recycling.

    Recycling: If we care about the future of our Earth, recycling is a necessity. Curbside recycling only encourages more participation. It also saves the time, aggravation, and gas that it would take to haul this stuff to a recycling center myself. Thank you.

    Cost: I am paying EXACTLY the same amount as before, but now I have recycling included, which I did not have before. This is a HUGE net gain of extra services for the same price. Thank you.

    Trucks: We now only have to deal with huge, ugly trash trucks driving up and down the street one day per week, instead of five. From someone who has a different work schedule and sleeps a little later than most, I only get woken up one day each week, instead of five. This is a HUGE blessing. Thank you.

    I often feel like residents of unincorporated St. Louis County get cheated out on some of the nice perks, policies, and decisions that other municipalites (such as Kirkwood, Webster Groves, etc.) make for their citizens. I finally feel like St. Louis County has done something good for their residents. Despite all the grief from the complainers out there, people will realize that this new program is a good thing.

    Thanks again to Charlie Dooley and the County Council.