Wednesday, October 01, 2008

County Citizens Speak Up

The announcement this week of the county admitting the trash legislation is unenforceable raises a number of questions among county residents. We received more than a dozen messages from irate residents about the situation. Here are just a few:

· “Do you mean to say the County Council passed a regulation without any means to enforce it? Where was their attorney then?”

· “Who’s to blame for this mess? Charlie Dooley, the County’s attorney, Gary Earls?”

· “If this law cannot be enforced, I don’t know why I should pay for recycling costs as I don’t want to recycle.”

· “I know our County police have been crying for money and here the county pours it right down the drain with this boondoggle.”

· “Some of the statements attributed to Patricia Redington in today’s paper are outright lies. She said ‘We never said we were going to prosecute anyone who didn’t participate.’ I attended public meetings where county officials said they would prosecute all the way to include jail. What is she talking about?”

· “The big R-E-D machine thinks they can bully their way with the Council, citizens, businesses, their own police department and anybody they want. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way and it will eventually be fixed at the polls. (RED = Reddington, Earls, Dooley)”

· “There is so much crap going on in our County government, somebody needs to do something.”

· “Do you mean to say I changed trash haulers for nothing?”

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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Here is an answer to the prosecution comment.

    I know that somewhere on this blogsite is a statement from John Hassis (County Health Dept) that also states this.

    5. Who will be responsible to enforce use of the trash service should a homeowner choose to select a different trash company?

    A - Haulers are required to report residents by giving the county a list of all who have subscribed to the service. They are to assist in finding non-subscribers and require subscription to the service via notification, then citation, then prosecution.