Monday, October 06, 2008

Calling All Citizens in Opposition to Monopoly Trash Districts

County citizens continue to trash county's trash program.

There is a county wide Town Hall Meeting set for Tuesday, Oct. 21st at 7 p.m. at Bayless High School, 4530 Weber; 631-0700 to discuss the latest issues in St. Louis County's trash districting program.

Meanwhile, people are encouraged to submit letters to your local newspaper regarding the trash issue. Please share how this fiasco is affecting you. If you know elderly people on a fixed pension, please encourage them to write, too.

Calls to the Governor and Attorney General wouldn't hurt, either.

> Why didn't the Attorney General (Jay Nixon) have a judge decide whether the county had to follow state law and give the trash haulers two years notice?

> Why didn't the Governor enforce the laws of Missouri, as he is required to do by the Missouri Constitution?

>> Why do the people of St. Louis County and local trash haulers have to sue the county to get the rights promised us under St. Louis County's own charter (the right to vote) and the two year notice for trash haulers provided by state law?

> Why aren't the people protected by the state from a county out of control?
Any comments you can contribute will be appreciated!

You can voice your opinion regarding the trash district at . If you'd like to receive email updates on the trash issue and other issues concerning the county, send an email to

Donations can be sent to C.O.M.T.D. (Citizens in Opposition to Monopoly Trash Districts) at 105 Concord Plaza, Suite 209; St. Louis, MO 63128. Monies will go toward distributing information and to help with lawsuit expenses. (A lawsuit was filed in mid-September regarding the right to vote, as stated in St. Louis County's own charter. The charter calls for a vote of the people, not the peoples' representative.

. . . Cynthia Trebus

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