Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ladue Does Trash Collections Right; Allows Private Hauling Between Carriers & Residents

City officials in Ladue say a uniform recycling plan will be in place by Jan. 1. Under the plan, standard blue recycling bags will be available at two locations and will follow rules set forth in St. Louis County's new ordinance. Unlike St. Louis County, the city will let residents select their own recycling by various carriers.

Also unlike St. Louis County, the plan was approved earlier by a committee of residents and officials and this week by the City Council.

Although waste hauling in Ladue is essentially private between carriers and residents, the city imposes some controls, such as allowing backyard pickups only. Carriers have agreed that recycling collections will be weekly, during the second trash pickup of the week.

Residents are not required to recycle but are being charged for the service under the new county law.

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