Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oakville Trash-Transfer Station Gets Approval

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources recently approved Fred WeberInc.'s application to construct a trash-transfer station on Baumgartner Road in Oakville (South County).

Weber's Oakville station will be used to receive solid-waste material onto the tipping floor, load waste into open-top transfer trailers, cover and stage the filled trailers and ship the trailers to a landfill or material-recovery facility.

DNR officials also have specified that Weber must modify its design plans for the station by separating its hot-load area from its unacceptable-waste area. Weber's original plans called for both hot loads and unacceptable waste to be in the same spot.

The DNR approval comes five years after Weber first proposed constructing the facility in Oakville. In 2003, Oakville residents overwhelmingly opposed construction of the trash-transfer station and the county Department of Health and the County Council rejected Weber's proposal.

County Counselor Pat Redington settled a lawsuit in October with Weber attorneys to allow the station's construction.

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