Thursday, August 21, 2008

Freedom of Choice, Low Rates, Custom Service Cited by Resident

The headache that just won't go away

“Our subdivision chose to opt out of the county’s trash program mainly due to the politics involved and our desire for freedom of choice. With the county’s assigned trash collector, if you are unhappy with the service, you are unable to change to another hauler. Opting out gives us the freedom to change.

We also have the freedom of not insisting that all residents of our subdivision have a designated trash hauler. We have at least two home owners who carry their trash to their place of business for disposal. They don’t need a trash or recycling service at their home.

My personal trash bill for once a week trash service early this year was $9.50 plus surcharges for fuel, etc. It jumped to around $20 a month when they started billing for recycling (which I did not request). It jumped further to more than $25 per month. Our subdivision chose our own hauler for trash and recycling at $15 per month minus 10% for seniors. While we may be paying a buck or two more, it’s worth it to have the ability to change and not have to put up with the politics of the County Government.

I don’t mind paying for recycling, but I did not order the service with my old hauler which was IESI. They keep billing me but I informed them they need to bill the party that ordered the service – St. Louis County. Since I no longer do business with IESI, I went ahead and ordered recycling with my new hauler and am glad to pay for the service.

The law suit? I believe there were two. The one was ruled on by the Missouri Supreme Court, but the other is making its way through the legal system questioning the requirement of the County Charter to put the trash program to a vote of the citizens. Stay tuned.

The next question is what happens if the courts rule against St. Louis County and require them to put the program to a vote? Does this mean the trash haulers collected money for a recycling program that was illegal for the county to implement? Will the haulers refund the money collected back to the residents who paid them?”

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