Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Residents Blowing Whistle on Veolia; Complaints Mounting

Veolia Waste Management . . . Failure to provide service, May 27-July 2, 2008 . . . Failure to respond to customer complaints . . . Fraudulent billing of over $166.80 for services not rendered

The following letter was sent to Gary Earlls, Director of Public Works for St. Louis County. A West County resident in trash district 3, Rueben Thaker, says "no thanks" to County's trash program.


To Whom It May Concern:

The Saint Louis County Commission provided an unopposed service contract to Veolia, removing competition as an incentive for Veolia to provide professional service.

Under the system you created, no other company will now provide economical service to an area under exclusive contract. Customers are at the mercy of your contracted company without your intervention.

In just a few weeks, there service has been utmost negligent without redress, and incident/s which may be harassment. These issues arise with no provocation whatsoever. In fact, we gave Veolia business prior to the mandatory service date of July 1, 2008, and this is our reward.

Please advise how you will address this complaint against your contracted agents, in the situation you have created for this ‘zoning district’. I have better use of my time than writing about the garbage, but it is important that you remedy this at the outset. Thank you most kindly for your attention.

> From May 27 through July 2nd, I have called Veolia at least SEVEN times in complaint. NEVER has a called been returned. A person claiming to be the Director of Customer Service, “Southern Braband“, was called on or about June 26, 2008. She claimed she would return my call after reviewing the account. To date she has not done so, no one at Veolia ever has. I instructed her to change service over to my name on July 1, 2008, and no monies would be paid for negligent service May 27-June 30 as detailed below. Any monies received must be applied forward to any future billing.

> On 5.27.08 service was initiated on my property by Veolia Waste Management. On this day, their crew negligently left cans strewn about my driveway, nearly caused a vehicular accident that night as I did not expect cans laying in the driveway on returning home. They threw away my can lid, for which I demand $28 to replace this can.

> My complaint call on 5.28 is unanswered by Veolia.

> On or about 5.29, it came to my attention that a female associate about my residence, was ‘cat-called’ by their passing crew, causing concern and offense.

> On 6.2.08, Veolia failed to provide service. My complaint call was unanswered.

> On 6.3.08, I reached an agent, only then did they pick up the prior day’s trash, but unbelievably leaving the current day’s trash in place.

> Several days interim, trash was not collected. Veolia has never picked up trash two days in a row during any week at my residence, though I have simply lost count of days missed. In summary, over 5 weeks time, Veolia has picked up trash successfully 4-5 days.

> No trash pick up July 1 or July 2nd to date, though I have frankly lost count of the negligent service of this company, over the countless hours of complaint. No answer of their phone during regular business hours July 2.

. . . Reuben Thaker


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    If I read the comment correctly, are you expecting daily trash service? I don't know anywhere in the entire country where that happens. You indicated that in five weeks trash was picked up 4-5 times-that seems like the weekly service that is called for in the contract.

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    weekly service...not daily service!

  3. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Different types of trash are retrievedon certain days of the week. Obviously they service the area multiple times weekly and failed to do so.