Monday, July 21, 2008

American Heritage Promises Never Happened

The following was submitted by a county resident as a comment, but is important enough to publish as an article.

"I am a homeowner in an American Heritage development. I am frustrated that I was never notified of the change in ownership of the remaining unsold property. Also American Heritage never made good on the "gated community" that the current home owners were promised as an inducement to purchase.

Once again I can not reach a human being by phone, which was always the problem with American Heritage. This has the appearance of advertising fraud, or at least lacks truth in advertising. There are so many other problems in our subdivision which were left unresolved. The fact that there are pending complaints against the company with the Attorney General of the state of Missouri, tells me a lot."


  1. Amercian Heritage Homes was sold to Flower & Fendler Inc. They do have a website. This may make communications easier.
    It is always disheartening to hear about builders not making good on their promises.
    A call to the county might be helpful in finding out what is going on with the communities.

  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Flower & Fendler and American Heritage are essentially one and the same. Sean Flower and Don Fendler were the "President" and "CFO" of American Heritage. David Fendler, Don's brother, is the "Community Advisor" for Williams Creek. The cast of characters is exactly the same; their offices are in the same place.

    Existing homeowners are receiving letters from attorneys stating that AH is out of business, has no employees, and no money. The letter also claims that Flower & Fendler have no legal obligation to fulfill their obligations to the many people who have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in their homes. This appears to be their way of closing the book on months of bad performance and broken promises in Williams Creek.

    Note that we received no communication--no letter, no email, nothing, from Flower and Fendler explaining the situation. One day we drove by the entrance and the signs said F&F instead of AH.

    Their displays are for sale, which Fendler said would not happen until the subdivision neared completion--draw your own conclusions. In the long run, many of us welcome the day a competent developer comes in to do the job right. Being in the Rockwood School District, Williams Creek eventually will be a fine St. Louis County Subdivision, but beware of this builder. F&F is already using lower cost materials, (no more copper plumbing) in the few new homes they are building. Go with Whalen, Jones, or a home that is already built there; F&Fs best lots have been snapped up anyway.

  3. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Don't expect Flower and Fendler to be any different from American Heritage. As stated, same two guys running the show. Cut too many corners and do not have the backing they once had since they mismanaged American Heritage into the ground.

  4. Anonymous5:10 PM

    As a home owner in Williams Creek I am sick of all drama. American Heritage went out of business in a very bad market and a lot of people lost their jobs. Why don't we try to help the community sell homes instead of making it harder to sell homes.

    Flower and Fendler are builing the same models as American Heritage. The biggest difference is they are no longer using copper more because of theft than anything. I spoke with the sales person at Flower and Fendler. He said they will be building a new display across from the old ones.

    The last thing we want is a small non-union builder in here building 1600 Sq ft slit levels. At least with them we know what we are dealing with and know what they are selling.

  5. Sharon10:10 AM

    More recently, the remaining lots in The Parc at Kimmswick, as well as all other lots owned by American Heritage Homes were sold at auction on March 24, 2009. All lots were sold to the same bank, Southwest Bank. We were given no information over the past two years. I filed a complaint with the AG Jay Nixon and I was told that AHH is under no obligation to finish the electric gate for our "private, gated community". We apparently have no trustees, but decisions have been made which have affected our property values, negatively.

  6. Anonymous1:34 PM

    What about Mike Whalen of Whalen Custom Homes and Real Estate Companies of his? He has a knack for sweet talking his clients into buying and sort of bonding with them and after he has "reeled them in" so to speak drops them like a hot potato. He never returns phone calls, in some instances the work is not acceptable and all and all it is very frustating - He seems very pompous and full of himself - Anonymous -

  7. Anonymous7:55 PM

    i agree. I consider myself a pretty savey guy but whalen pulled the wool ove my eyes a bit. I wouldn't say not to buy a house from him becaue he has a great product. Just make sure you have it in writing. From people i have spoken to here Fendler and Flower arent much better. Great subdivision, great houses, just cover your bases.

  8. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Whalen Homes...Dont buy from them if you can! Mike Whalen was the ncest builder we ever dealt with until the day we closed. As soon as we closed he disappeared. We are 18 months in and still have not gotten 1/2 the items on our walk thru list done! Everything is an excuse! this guy is a joke!
    PS the house is cheaply built. If you want to be in Heritage Valley use Fendler & Flower!

  9. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Whalen is a joke. I wouldn't have him build an outhouse for me. All promises no quality. After a few years in my new home built by Whalen - all floors squeak. The windows are the poorest of quality with condensation all around the edges. Driveway is already chipping and breaking. Shut off faucets in the basement already leaking. In addition to this the floor plan built for us wasn't close to the blue print we asked for which was from a well respected builder in the area. Think twice before you use this scam artist - he is the Used Care Salesmen of the Home Building Industry in St. Louis.

  10. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I agree. Mike Whalen is a joke and a scam artist. Stay away and avoid doing business with him.