Thursday, June 26, 2008

Judge Throws Out Trash Suit

A lawsuit filed last month against St. Louis County to stop the county's trash program was thrown out by a St. Louis County Circuit Court Judge. The suit stated the county failed to give haulers two year's notice as required by state law. Circuit Judge Steven H. Goldman ruled that the county ordinance takes precedence over the state statute.

American Eagle Waste Co., said all three haulers would appeal. The county's trash plan was established after residents in unincorporated areas complained about multiple hauling companies serving the same neighborhoods.

The county selected a single hauler for each district except in subdivisions that opted out of the program. Residents in these subdivision report that they are being gouged by the trash haulers since they are not a part of the County's trash district. Rates quoted are upwward to 75% higher.
County Executive Charlie Dooley hailed the judge's ruling on Wednesday as a "victory for all residents." "We're saving people money and giving them good service," he said. As one county resdient said, "Dooley is missing the point again. It's not a question of "money" but "freedom of choice."

St. Louis County Council approved two more contracts with:

— IESI in District 2, which covers the Spanish Lake area. IESI's monthly charge for the basic service would rise from $12.03 in the first year to $13.07 in the third.

— Veolia Environmental Services in District 4 in southwestern St. Louis County. Its monthly charge would be $12.25 in the first year, rising to $13.25 in the third.

Last week, Aspen Waste Systems, which had won the contracts to serve Districts 6 and 8, withdrew its bids, citing what it said were economic risks posed by the lawsuit.

County officials said they would ask the County Council to award contracts to the next lowest bidders, Allied Waste Co. in District 6 and IESI in District 8. The districts include Lemay, Mehlville and Oakville.

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  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Imagine that, a County Court, dismissed St. Louis County in this lawsuit.

    Wait for the appeal in State Court. When the County has to defend itself for snubbing its nose at State Statute.

    St. Louis County is so tarnished, it continues to ignore the people who elected them.

    Have fun while it lasts. There is a County election this year, and half of you County Council folks, may just have to get a real job.