Monday, June 09, 2008

Homeowners Say They’re Unable to Obtain Trash Service Due to County’s Mishandling

Several new homeowners have complained they are unable to obtain trash service due to the County’s fouled up trash program. One new resident said he called Veolia since Veolia was the selected hauler for his district. Veolia said they could not provide service since they did not have any trucks in the area until October 1.

American Eagle declined service due to their current business load and pending lawsuit against St. Louis County.

The bottom line is “lots of trash” but “no service.” The one homeowner said he was eventually able to obtain service with IESI, but having to pay an exorbitant amount. “We’ll cancel as of October 1 and go with one of the other haulers."

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  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    What would one expect?

    Why should any of the haulers start expanding into areas that will be given away with the contract awards?

    With deisel fuel at nearly $5 per gallon, who wants to drive the extra miles for a few homes?

    Those haulers who were awarded the District areas, are busy working on their logistics, as well as making exit plans in those areas they lost. The big county swap will soon begin, mass confussion, chaos, and multiple phone calls on the horizon.

    And, to add more confusion to the chaos, the lawsuit might just unravel everthing for a while. As it should. The County in it's thumb the state attitude, needs to be put in place.

    What a mess, and going to get messier.