Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gas Prices Lower Auto Insurance by Causing Less Driving

There may finally be at least one silver lining to nationwide gas prices topping $4 a gallon - lower auto insurance rates.

According to the Consumer Federation of America, consumers who are driving less could save an average of 5 to 15% on their automobile insurance rates –a savings of about $47 to $142.

According to CFA Director of Insurance J. Robert Hunter, with auto insurance rates partially based on how much consumers drive and how they use their car, actions taken to save money on gas from using mass transportation and carpooling to taking fewer trips to the store might mean consumers may qualify for immediate insurance rate relief.


  1. Nice, Thats great how can gas prices make lower auto insurance rates?

  2. When will we see the "return" on this?
    WHY do our cars still get only 15 mpg on average? Where is the technology to get 100 mpg?? Doesn't it exist? We have phones you can text, email and talk while driving....why are the automakers so far behind?
    $4.00 a gallon is ludicrous.