Friday, June 13, 2008

Estates at Williams Creek Seeking Information on American Heritage

We received the following request from a county resident. If you have any information you can share, please click on COMMENTS and post your information there . . . or send direct to


I live in a new subdivision under development (Estates at Williams Creek), and just wanted to report that the county still has not delivered any recycling bins to our subdivision even though we are now paying the extra fee for recycling. When I called the county originally, they didn't even realize we should be on the list, which is funny because the county knows where we are well enough to send us a reassessed property tax bill back in January.

Also, I find it interesting that American Heritage "sold" its subdivisions under development in our subdivision to a group called "Flower & Fendler." Is American Heritage officially out of business?


  1. Bill,
    I also live in Williams Creek and was curious about the American Heritage sale. From what I learned at the recent block party there were three primary investors in American Heritage and one of them sold his interest to the other two - who are Flower and Fendler (David Fendler is also sales agent for the Am. Her. homes). Floks on Spring Lilly in the American Heritage homes were told that nothing should change.

  2. Here is a press release I received this morning:
    Flower & Fendler, Inc. has purchased the homebuilding division of American Heritage Homes, LLC., and is now offering new homes in Ashton Woods, Bridlewood, Harter Farms, Silverstone Trails, and Briar Lake Estates Communities.

    Flower & Fendler was formed by Sean Flower and Donald Fendler, the former president and chief financial officer, respectively, of American Heritage. Sean and Don look forward to continuing their commitment to quality home construction and communities, while having even more time to spend with each individual customer.

    Flower & Fendler is a well capitalized company, and management has collectively over 25 years of experience in the homebuliding and land development business.

    I found this also:
    If you are trying to find information regarding something other than new homes in these communities (Ashton Woods, Bridlewood, Williams Creek, Briar Lake Estates, or Harter Farms), including information on an existing American Heritage Home, please contact American Heritage Homes at 314-821-8175.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I am a homeowner in an American Heritage development. I am frustrated that I was never notified of the change in ownership of the remaining unsold property. Also American Heritage never made good on the "gated community" that the current home owners were promised as an inducement to purchase. Once again I can not reach a human being by phone, which was always the problem with American Heritage. This has the appearance of advertising fraud, or at least lacks truth in advertising. There are so many other problems in our subdivision which were left unresolved. The fact that there are pending complaints against the company with the Attorney General of the state of Missouri, tells me a lot.

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    I live in the Parc at Kimmswick where according to my response from AG Jay Nixon's office, AH is under no obligation to install the promised "gate" for our subdivision. We are also dealing with HOA Trustee problems. Though I have asked for information repeatedly, we are not told who the trustees except that they are held by AH appointees, which is against state statutes. We have never been notified about budget
    meetings to ratify new budget, against the Protective Covenants of the Parc. Do we have any rights at all? Someone is still cheating the consumer...any surprise?

  5. When you purchased your home, did you use a title company? Most should be able to help you get the trustee information.

  6. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Any idea who was responsible for the vandalism that occured on the Flower Fendler display/sign at the Williams Creek subdivision this weekend? I also noticed they changed the "For Sale" signs on the displays to "Paradigm Realty."

  7. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Hi, we are considering building in the Williams Creek subdivision. Would anyone advise us to do otherwise for any reason?


  8. Steve,
    Be sure to use an agent when you go to look and or make your purchase. A good buyer's agent will do their best to represent you in the deal.

  9. Anonymous11:54 PM

    We are closing on our home in Williams Creek this month. Need to change our address and was wondering what other residents are using as their mailing address...Fenton, St. Louis, or High Ridge, and which zip code...63026 or 63049? Thanks!

  10. You should consult with the Post Office about what should be used for a zip code and city designator. Another option would be to talk with a neighbor in Williams Creek.