Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Concerned Couty Residents Speak Out

Here's a couple of messages received today from area residents -

"I read an article in the Arnold-Imperial Leader, June 12th issue regarding trash services in Arnold. The city has a contract which expires June 2009 with Veolia. They provide service for $8.95 per month plus .50 per home that recycles. With the new totes, the service will be $10.75. July 2009 through June 2010, it will be $11.07. The following year it will increase to $11.40, and the last year will be $11.75. I'm am really confused as to why it is more for South County than it is for Arnold and for the areas up north???"

Any comments anyone???? Anyone ???

Here's another.

A county resident called and left a message saying he learned from a friend in west county (Manchester/Ballwin area) that he just received notice from Veolia, their current trash hauler. The notice said if he wanted to receive a paper invoice, there would be a $3.50 handling charge added to his trash bill. If he paid by EFT/ACH, there would be no charge.

Now I'm certain Veolia will say there is no increase to their trash or recycling charges and will point out the expense of handling a paper transaction. They should have thought of that before quoting their current rate. If this is a service provided by their City, they should protest this loud and clear.

An increase in payment is a rate increase.

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    You should be concerned, we should all be concerned. Enjoy these low prices while they last, and it won't be for long. As government controls constrain free market pricing, you have seen the last of the low prices. The county is successfully limiting competition, is sqeezing out the independents, and limiting the number of qualified bidders.
    Have you ever seen your electric, gas, water, sewer,cable, phone bills go down? Well, you won't be seeing your trash/recycle bills go down after this, and you won't have a choice anymore. This is the bottom of the pricing structure, and every future bid price from this point forward will spiral up.

    Enjoy it now, and hang on for the ride. Within 3 to 5 years, all waste bills will double, or more.