Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Questions to Ponder

· I live in trash district 7.
· Our subdivision opted out of the county’s trash program.
· Veolia has been selected as the county’s trash provider for our district.
· The rate Veolia offered is $12.40 per month for trash and recycling.
· When I call Veolia, will they give me the same rate?
· If my subdivision selects Veolia as their designated hauler, will they give our subdivision the same rate?
· If not, they are discriminating against me for where I live.
· Who is doing the discriminating - the county or the trash hauler?


  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Why in the world would you expect the same price?

    A contract for 1000 customers is going to be cheaper per customer then a contract for 20 customers.

    That is why Walmart can sell for less, they purchase in larger quantities. Just because a company sells to Walmart for one price doesn't mean they will sell to everyone for that price.

    There are price differences based on number of customers, distance between the customers, restrictions on collection, and many other factors.

    If you want the county district price then you should use the county district contract.

  2. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Can you reference where it's being reported that *any* hauler has been selected for District 7? I'm looking for anything that's saying this, and I'm coming up empty.

  3. The following information was reported in the Post-Dispatch around May 14.

    County officials selected three trash hauling companies as the low bidders to become the haulers in three trash collection districts in unincorporated St. Louis County. They are:

    ~ IESI, low bidder in District 1, covers an area north of Interstate 270 between Florissant and Highway 367. IESI said monthly charges for once-a-week collection of trash and recyclables and twice-a-year bulky pickups would go from $12.09 in the first year to $13.14 in the third serving 12,134 households.

    ~ Allied Waste LLC, low bidder in District 5, covers the Affton area. Allied's monthly charge for the same service would go from $12.29 in the first year to $13.29 in the third serving 12,106 households.

    ~ Veolia Environmental Services, low bidder in District 7, south of Sunset Hills. Veolia's monthly charge would range from $12.40 in the first year to $13.28 in the third serving 8,386 households.