Saturday, May 10, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions about Recycling, Recycling Carts, and Basic Trash Service in Saint Louis County

Questions and Answers are available from St. Louis County on the following subjects:

) What Changes Were Made To The Waste Code?
2) Why Were Changes Made To The Waste Code?
3) Why Has My Trash Bill Gone Up?
4) Why Wasn’t This Voted On?
5) Why Do I Have To Pay For Recycling If I Don’t Recycle?
6) Can I Still Recycle At My Local Church/School?
7) Why Can’t I Just Recycle At A Recycling Center?
8) I Live In A Municipality/Subdivision With An Existing Trash Hauling Contract. How Will We Be Affected?
9) When Can I Start To Recycle?
10) How Much Is Recycling Going To Cost Me?
11) Do I Have To Pay For Recycling Service If I Return My Recycling Cart?
12) My Subdivision Opted Out … Why Did I Get A Recycling Cart?
13) Who Is Responsible For The Recycling Cart?
14) If My Recycling Cart Needs To Be Serviced, Whom Do I Call?
15) When Will My Recycling Cart Be Picked Up If I Don’t Want It?
16) How am I supposed to afford the new basic trash service?
17) Who Else Can I Talk To About This Program?

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