Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Journal Readers Speak Out on Trash Program

Writers to Letters to the Editor for the South County Journals speak out on St. Louis County’s trash program.

From writer #1 . . .

"I’d like to know when we the people voted the expenditure for all of these recycling cans and who authorized the person that ordered them since I’m sure the taxpayers are paying for them. Don’t get me wrong, I approve of recycling. What I don’t like is having it shoved down my throat with one trash company. Somebody’s getting a kickback.”

Writer #2 . . .

“I was just commenting on our free trash containers that we received on Saturday. I live in Affton and I’m for recycling. I just want to let everyone know they’re really not free. I called my trash place
and they said that everybody is going to be charged $7 a month whether they take them or they turn them back in.

So, really, they’re not free, plus they had them distributed on a Saturday which is time and a half. And then if the people don’t want them, they have to be picked back up, which is a waster of our taxpayers money.”

Writer #3 . . .

"I have a solution to the St. Louis County trash recycling problem that everybody seems to be in opposition to, but St. Louis County doesn’t care because they keep forcing it on everyone. If everyone in St. Louis County would refuse to accept the containers that are being dropped off at their curb site and would return them, then how could St. Louis County justify charging everyone for recycling when no one chooses to recycle in the entire St. Louis County."

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