Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Rollout Is An Embarassment

"I am a former trustee in the Rosewind Subdivision. We implemented a subdivision-wide trash contract many many years ago and somehow managed until the County came along with this fine plan. We eliminated multiple haulers and now have one day only pick-up.

I believe strongly that this is the way to go, but I believe it is being implemented all wrong. Now we are being asked to pay our hauler separately (the subdivision has a contract for regular service) for recycling. I fear I am subsidizing others who either do not want to recycle or won't pay.

The thing they are trying to reduce, waste, is exactly what they are producing. I know we had our bins at least two weeks before we got any notice from our trash hauler. Then, they said it would be the same day as our regular pick-up, which it has not.

We are definitely behind the times when it comes to recycling in the county, but the way it has been rolled out is an embarrassment."
. . . Jeff Tank

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