Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Recycling In Bellefontaine Neighbors

The City of Bellefontaine Neighbors has had a program similar to this in place for about 12 years. It was done to reduce the waste going into landfills as mandated by state and federal laws.

It sounds like a noble thing to do, and we all need to help, but...I still have a lot of little old ladies and others that have to pay for recycling and yard waste but do not use it. In many cases, lawn care people take away clippings and twigs and recycling is limited to a journal, small milk jug and tv dinner tray.

I estimate that less than 25% of our residents use the recycling service, but still pay for it.

We had a lot of complaints in the beginning, but that is long over. It took a lot of effort in our little city and I wish the County the best of luck getting this up and going.

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  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    You must work in Government - go figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This should not be FORCED on anyone. They should do it if they want too and the ONLY thing people may need from any Government is the encouragement to recycle by way of mailings!!!!!