Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Pilot Program for County Trash Program; Contract is "Final" for Trash District 3

If you were of the opinion, as widely publicized in the press, that St. Louis County would be doing a pilot program to "test" its new trash and recycling program, you are mistaken.

St. Louis County is NOT doing a pilot program. The 3rd Trash district is simply the first district bid awarded by the county. Trash service for the first bid district begins July 1, but the sealed bids for that district have already been opened and the contract let. The lowest bid was $34.80 for thrree months service from Veolia Environmental Services. The price includes once weekly trash, once weekly recycling, and twice yearly bulky waste, with an additional 10 % discount for Seniors.

The other districts have sealed bid openings in May. The service and contract price for these districts would begin October 1, 2008.

The City of Crestwood currently contracts with Veolia at a cost of $53.76 per quarter ($17.92 per month) through April 2009. At that time, the cost goes to $58.65 per quarter ($19.55 per month).


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    No surprise here. The county won't take a chance on a test program going bad, they would have to halt the plan.

    They would rather push the entire bad plan, full steam ahead, in that event, if things do go bad, and service falls apart, and the pricing gets out of whack, at least then they can, all things are equal.

    Doesn't really make any difference what you, the voter wants. You are ogliged to take whatever the county wishes to hand off to you.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Have you ever called the county to fix a problem. Lots of promises, little action. Try to get them fix some potholes, try to get them to correct a stray animal problem, try to get some real help on occupancy, try to complain about neighbors, etc................

    But, they have fixed all of trash problems, and we didn't even have to ask them too.

  3. Anonymous12:24 PM

    What? They canceled their previously announced pilot program? County management is ripping us off and outright lying to residents. There's two recourses - legal action and action at the polls.

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Sorry, but as a former trustee I found the county easy to work with on almost any issue.

    And, if you are thinking that being a trustee gave me some kind of pull you are incorrect.

    Since then I've had occasion to contact the county on a number of issues, all of which have been handled with no problems.

  5. Anonymous2:55 PM

    St. Louis County has sandbagged everyone on this disaster of a plan. They are moving forward regardless, they have already overspent on all aspects and want it behind them as soon as possible.

    The only action left is legal action, and quickly, or
    voter disatisfaction action at the polls. What a waste, literally.

    It's no wonder the County is in dire fiscal problems.

  6. Anonymous9:50 PM

    As a trustee, I also have found the county to be very helpful on many issues related to our subdivision. I don't know if I would have called them before I was a trustee. I do feel that the way this trash issue was handled was nothing short of a disaster. They needed to inform residents about the importance of recycling and work with them on how to achieve this not force it down their throats. Their trash plan has certainly made it a lot more work for me as a trustee of my subdivision.

  7. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I think it is ironic that the first
    company awarded the contract was
    Veolia. Veolia is a world wide
    French company.
    Ironic because with their low bids
    they will put a lot of the local
    carriers i.e. St louisians out of
    the trash collection business.