Friday, April 25, 2008

More Thoughts From County Residents

While supporting recycling, residents continue to object to mechanics of the program. Here's what one resident had to say . . . .

"Talked with neighbor, he fears that if he don't recycle he will be forced to pay anyway. He is using Bobs for trash pickup, $39.00 every 3 months. Now will pay another $12.00 recycling for 3 months, he has requested a smaller cart, large one is crowding his garage. I pay about the same amount to IESI for trash pickup, they have sent a statement for 3 months recycling for $21.00. I have thrown the statement aside and placed the cart in the driveway of a house that has been vacant for over a year, the cart is being returned to the county.

Bob's has a better system for yard waste pickup than IESI. You pay only if you have yard waste bags set out with a $1.00 pre-purchased tag on each bag picked up. The same could have been done with recycling, tagged bags instead of containers costing 4.5 million."

Here's what another resident and trustee wrote . . .

"As a trustee, I also have found the county to be very helpful on many issues related to our subdivision. I don't know if I would have called them before I was a trustee. I do feel that the way this trash issue was handled was nothing short of a disaster. They needed to inform residents about the importance of recycling and work with them on how to achieve this not force it down their throats.

Their trash plan has certainly made it a lot more work for me as a trustee of my subdivision."

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