Monday, April 14, 2008

The Monster Trucks Are Coming

The monster trucks are coming. Some trash and recycle haulers are making additional trips through subdivisions, while others are using "monster" type trucks that combine both trash and recycling in one trip.

IESI says they will make a trip through subdivisions for recycle only. This means IESI is making three trips - one for trash, one for yard waste and one for recycling.

Here's what one resident had to say when the "monster" truck was sighted.

"Regarding "reducing truck traffic" and "saving our streets" as being identified by County officials as the "main reasons" behind forced recycling and forced districting, I happened to see one of the national trash hauling chain's combination trash/recycle trucks on the road today. The combo recycling/hauling truck was at least triple the size of a normal trash truck, and most likely is triple the weight as well.

So can anyone tell us how these monster trucks are any better for our roads? How is this saving pavement wear and tear? They are triple the size and triple the weight. It makes no sense... They might as well be using an 18-wheeler..."

The County's goal was a bit "pie in the sky" thinking they could get one hauler making one trip into a subdivision to pick up everything at one time. As it turns out, truck traffic increases with additional runs for recycling while other subdivision have to cope with monster trucks.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Oh, the haulers don't need monster trucks. I have personally seen a local hauler toss waste and recycling into the same bed. And you paid extra for it!