Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Used to Make $10; Now I Pay $6

One reader says he saves aluminum cans and takes them to the recycling center and collects $10.

Since mandatory recycling is coming, he says there's no sense in collecing the cans and hauling them to the center.

He commented he will not only loose the $10 but now has to pay $6 for a service he does not use - going from a plus $10 to a minus $6 - a swing of $16. While $10 is not much, it's a lot to a person who doesn't have $10.

He then asked about exemptions for people who recycle and take the items direct to a recycling center. He then asked when is the next election.

1 comment:

  1. Phillip12:57 PM

    And why can't they still collect the cans, take them down, get the 10 dollars, pay the 6 dollars, and still have 4 left over?

    Not as much as they were making, but a plus 4 is better then a minus 6 I think.

    Or would they rather just complain about it?