Thursday, April 10, 2008

Government In Action - Two Views on the Recycle Situation

In a letter to the Editor in the Post-Dispatch on April 10, a reader expresses his views about the St. Louis County recycling program

"Thanks to Saint Louis county executive, Charlie Dooley, and all of the people involved with implementing the recycling program in unincorporated Saint Louis county. A lot of criticism on the issue of mandatory recycling and consolidated trash collection, but it is a fine example of government leadership in action.

For years I have been a marginal recycler of aluminum cans and papers. I wanted to recycle plastic, metal and glass, but I was just too lazy. Now thanks to our new program, I can recycle these items and others in the jumble container provided by the county.

When I read the pamphlet telling me what can and can’t be recycled, I realize that my remaining trash volume would be less than half of what it was before, allowing me to have my trash collected only once per week instead of twice. Now my total bill – for trash and recycling – will be less than it was before. Also, my recyclables will provide jobs for folks at recycling centers. What’s not to like?

There may be a few bumps in the road as we get this going but it will be worth it.

Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity to do the right thing to conserve our natural resources and reduce the polish pollution of our planet."

. . . James Stroup, Sappington

Another reader expresses his views.

"I think most people support the concept of recycling. We need it and we must take action.

The problem is we do not have a choice on how we do it. It's being dictated by the County at the expense of many. You like the recycling carts provided? Well, we all paid for it to the tune of $4.4 million.

If the county mandated recycling to all residents without the carts, would residents either buy or rent carts from the trash haulers? Yes we would because it's mandated.

What happens if a less expensive trash hauler solicits your business? Sorry, but you can't change as you may be stuck with the County's selected hauler unless your subdivision opted out of their program. If you're not in a subdivision, you're really stuck and at the mercy of the county's selection.

I know some people who recycle everything they possibly can . . . and all for free. Why pay if it's available for free? They have no choice as the County says they must pay. The County even wants homeowners billed for services while they live in Florida for the winter months.

Recycling is a good move, but come on, let's do it right."

. . . Michael Roberts

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  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    This entire issue is a clear case of the Tail wagging the dog.

    In reality, only about 20 to 25% of the general public are interested in recycling, and that is if it is free of charge.

    The county has now mandated this service, and for a price.

    Seniors, singles, travelers, will all have to pay the same thing, month after month. Even those who have been recycling on a regular basis, will have to pay.

    If the county mandates the service, shouldn't they be paying for it? They collect enough property taxes, how about some service for what we do pay.