Saturday, March 22, 2008

Subdivision Trustee Network Group Meets

The Subdivision Trustee Networking Group, organized last summer, held its third quarterly network exchange on Thursday, March 13. Bob Meyer from Towne South Subdivision moderated the program and outlined the purpose of the group and the importance of networking between trustees.

The ensuing discussion focused on certain needs from the County for future seminars to include:

  • Indentures
  • Liens
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Contacting the right person in County government

Bill Rogers gave an update on the Subdivision Trustee web site. Rogers said the number one trustee problem for almost six months now has been the County’s trash program. He pointed out a survey done of trustees last fall included a number of problem areas in addition to the trash program. Some of these include:

  • Enforcement by St. Louis County police – speeding in subdivision, abandoned cars, crime, teen groups, parking violations, traffic
  • Utility companies – power outages, tree removal
  • Parental supervision of teens in subdivisions – loitering, groups, play areas, activities for kids

Attorney Lester Stuckmeyer gave an overview of the trash sub-station and meeting dates on this project. He answered a number of questions from attendees on the trash program districts regarding recycling, pricing, time tables, etc.

The group meets quarterly with the next meeting set for June. It was suggested this meeting focus on the topic of “Subdivision Indentures: Do’s and Don’ts.” Plan to attend and bring your questions regarding your subdivision’s indentures. We will have attorneys on hand who are quite knowledgeable on this subject. We expect a lively discussion.

We will publish the date of the June meeting when it is announced.

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Bob Meyer looking over notes while Nancy Galovich looks on


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    At our networking meeting, an attorney said that there is no basis for enforcement if an individual resident wans to drop out and select their own hauler at any future date. This being the case, I suspect a whole subdivision can do so.

    Picture this. A resident or subdivision drops out. The County files suit against all residents in the subdivision asking the court that the residents pay a specific third party vendor they DON'T want to do business with for x dollars. It just doesn't make sense

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Press Releases

    March 19, 2008
    Recently, Mayor Robert G. Lowery, Sr. said that Florissant City Hall is receiving a large number of telephone calls from the residents in the City of Florissant inquiring why the trash haulers have added an additional fee for recycling. Mayor Lowery wants all of Florissant’s citizens to realize that the City has nothing to do with the rise in the customers’ pick ups. It is the result of an ordinance passed by St. Louis County’s Council and the haulers are increasing their fees due to an additional pick up. The Mayor stated that although he thinks the ordinance is meaningful and in the best interest of all of the County, it has caused a lot of confusion with County residents.

    St. Louis County implemented the ordinance with the intent to further participation in recycling efforts but a lot of citizens are opposed because it was mandated without a vote of the people and they do not want to pay additional fees. Mayor Lowery wanted to clarify his position and that of the Florissant City Council that they are whole-heartedly in support of recycling but are opposed to the mandate to the vendors in the City without the permission of businesses and homeowners.

    Mayor Lowery asks that anyone who has a problem with this new ordinance to contact St. Louis County government at 314-615-HAUL. Please do not contact Florissant City Hall on this matter as we have no jurisdiction.