Friday, March 07, 2008

Readers Respond on Cost of Recycling Bins

Comments from readers . . .

"There are more concerns to these comments. Many households in St. Louis County are rental units, so who owns the cart, the tenant or the landlord. Who is responsible? Many carts will be stolen when people move out to another location, leaving no cart behind. Haulers will not repair broken or damaged carts they don't own. New people move into empty homes, they must get an approved cart from their hauler, who will then charge rent for the cart, in addition to the mandatory service fee. Some single, elderly folks, can't afford the service, much less use the cart, but will be required by law to pay the mandatory fee, use it or not. Kids will move and hide the carts in neighborhoods, just like shopping carts.

"The entire plan was flawed from the beginning. Bad plan, over $4 million spent on carts, plus distribution costs. The OPT out leaves Districts full of holes for service. The bidding process is unfair to small but competent haulers. There is no guarantee that the prices will go down or that services will be improved or at least maintained.

"There wasn't even a landfill crisis, just a manufactured one used to sell this program. This is simply gross incompetence on the part of the St. Louis County administration and staff.

"Once everyone receives their first increased billing for these mandates from their hauler, then we will see a crisis.

"Call and complain to your county officials. The more you do, the more effective the results. Don't let them off the hook for this, Remember, "You Paid for It."

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