Thursday, March 20, 2008

Questions and Answers About Recycling

When Can I Start Using My New Recycle Cart?

Under the new minimum service ordinance, waste haulers are required to provide once-a-week recycling pickup as part of your basic trash service. Many haulers are already offering this service, however, if you have not received a start date from your hauler, please contact them to find out when your recycling pickup service will begin.

How Much Will It Cost to Recycle?
Your hauler will provide new rate information for your combined trash and recycling service. The recycling cart you have just received is being provided free of charge from the Saint Louis County Department of Health.

Do I Have to Recycle?
Although recycling pickup service will be a part of your basic waste hauling package, participation in the program is voluntary. However, the Saint Louis County Department of Health hopes everyone will make the choice to do what is right for our environment once they see how easy it is to recycle. We are striving for a 50% waste diversion rate and this new curbside recycling service will help us get there!

Can I Get a Smaller Cart?
If you find that the 64-gallon recycling cart is too large (for example if you live alone and do not generate much trash or recycling), you may request a smaller 35-gallon cart. To do so, please fill out the enclosed postcard and mail it back to us. We will then pick up the large cart and replace it with a smaller one. You can also e-mail your request to, or FAX your request to (314) 615-4008. Please allow 4-6 weeks
for delivery.

Can I Return My Cart if I’m Not Going to Recycle?
Yes, if you aren’t going to use the cart, you can arrange for it to be picked up by filling out the enclosed postcard and mailing it back to us. We will then arrange to pick up the cart. You can also e-mail your request to , or FAX your request to (314) 615-4008. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the pickup. Please note: returning your cart will not change the basic cost of your waste collection service.

About Your New Cart
This cart is designed to keep recyclable materials in the cart while keeping animals and the elements out. It is quiet and easy to handle, and it provides a safe and convenient way to store your recyclable materials until your pickup day. The cart is made of durable, extra strength, injection-molded plastic with a minimum recycled-content of 50%, which is a good reminder that your recycling efforts are worthwhile and that the items you recycle actually get made into new products!

Cart Usage Guidelines
Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

• The recycling cart is the property of the Saint Louis County Department of Health. It may only be used for accepted recyclable items – never for trash or other items.

• The recycling cart is assigned to the residence. Residents who move should leave the recycling cart on the property for the next tenants or homeowners.

• You can store your cart in the same location as you store your regular trash cans – in a garage or behind your house, if desired. Make sure not to store your cart too close to a furnace, fireplace, grill, or other source of excessive heat.

• When opening the cart, always lift the lid from the front. At all other times, keep the lid closed to keep out animals, leaves, rain, snow, and ice.

• On recycling pickup day, roll the cart to the street curb, making sure not to place the cart too close to obstructions such as mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, or parked cars. To maintain the appearance of your neighborhood, please remove your cart as soon after collection as possible. Please note: your waste hauler may have additional directions for you depending on the type of collection equipment they use.

• Before rolling it to the curb, make sure the lid is closed. Grab the handle and tilt the cart back slightly. Now, safely and easily push or pull the cart. On inclines, always pull the cart when going uphill and push it when going downhill.

• To clean the cart, simply rinse with water from time to time, and let dry in the sun with the lid open.

• The cart comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty for any damages resulting from shipping or materials and manufacturing defects. In the event you are experiencing a warranty problem, please call (314) 615-8958 right away to report the problem so repair or a replacement can be scheduled. The warranty only covers damages and defects resulting from normal use of the cart. Improper use of your cart will void the warranty.

Glass (rinse first)
• Food and beverage containers

• Light bulbs
• Mirrors, windows
• Ceramics, dishes or drinking glasses

Aluminum and Steel/Tin Cans (rinse first)
• Aluminum cans
• Clean foil
• Food or pie trays
• Any metal food cans
• Empty aerosol cans (No hazardous chemicals)

• Paint cans
• Scrap metal

Recycling Tips
• Containers only need a quick rinse to remove most residue; they do not need to be washed.
• Cardboard should be flattened.

Do NOT put any of the following in your cart:
• Containers that once had hazardous chemicals in them, such as oil, gas, or pesticides.
• Heavily soiled cardboard.
• Styrofoam (Polystyrene - expanded or clear molded).
• Ribbons.
• There are other household items, such as electronics, that can be recycled, but not curbside. For additional information visit and click on “Waste Management”.

What Can I Recycle Curbside?
(Note: Not all haulers have switched to “single stream” recycling yet;please check with your hauler to find out their specific collection requirements.)

Paper Products (Anything That Tears!)
• Newspapers (and inserts)
• Magazines
• Catalogs, paperback books
• Wrapping paper
• Phone books
• Junk mail
• Office paper, file folders and envelopes (even with windows)
• Corrugated cardboard (broken down to 2’ x 2’ or smaller)
• Other paperboard boxes – cereal, dry foods, beverage cases, frozen foods, gift boxes
• Waxed cardboard

• No heavily soiled cardboard

Plastics (rinse first)
• Beverage containers
• Milk & juice jugs
• Laundry and liquid dish soap bottles.
• Dairy product tubs – butter, yogurt, margarine
• Health and beauty containers.
Check for the recycling symbol on the bottom of the container - #1,#2,#3,#4,#5, and #7 are accepted (everything EXCEPT #6).

• #6 Plastic – Polystyrene (Styrofoam)
• Toys
• Hoses and pipes
• Films, tarps, plastic sheets
• Hazardous chemical containers - anti-freeze, pesticides, motor oil, paint
• Plastic bags

Recycling Questions?
For questions about the new minimum service level or recycling, please visit our website: and click on “Waste Management”. Or call our hotline at (314) 286-9200.

The County's online Recycling Guide shows what can be done with items not accepted through curbside recycling, including electronics, tires, and household chemicals. To request a hard copy, please call (314) 615-8958.

To view a pdf file with more information of the recycling guidelines, visit:

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