Thursday, February 07, 2008

Campisi Introduces Bill to Block Trash Plan

St. Louis County Councilman John Campisi, R-south St. Louis County, introduced on Tuesday (2/5) a bill to eliminate the county's authority to establish trash collection districts in the unincorporated area. The planned districts have drawn fierce opposition in unincorporated south St. Louis County. The councilman has said he is responding to his constituents' wishes.

An anonymouns comment received today urges residents to contact all council members.

Anonymous said...

"Councilman Campisi has introduced a Bill at Tuesdays meeting that would end this insanity. An all out effort needs to be made for all to contact every County Council person to back down and support that legislation. It will take phone calls, letters, emails to the 7 council persons to support this effort. They need to hear ASAP to stop this thing.

Contact all council persons, wheter yours or not, they need to hear from us, loud and clear and thousands of times."

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  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    How to contact your council person, or all council persons. Charlie Dooley (D), County Executive Hazel Erby (D), District 1 Kathleen Burkett (D) District 2, Council Chairwoman Colleen Wasinger (R) District 3 Mike OMara (D) District 4 Chair Waste Committee Barbara Fraser (D) District 5 John Campisi (R) District 6 Greg Quinn (R) District 7
    County Council Web site