Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Resident Finds Fault With Statements From County Officials

I can’t believe some of the comments that appear in the press. For instance, in the Post Dispatch on January 6 -

Garry Earls, Chief Operating Officer of the County said, “We want to give unincorporated areas what 70 percent of the county already has.” (I can only assume Mr. Earls is saying that 30% of the county has poor trash services. This is far too high and is not a credible statement.)

Earls said the county wants to provide residents of the unincorporated area with efficient trash collection at a fair and reasonable cost. Collections are the most effective way of increasing recycling, he said. The cost to homeowners could be cheaper in trash districts than with individual haulers, Earls said.

The fact is, many homeowners are receiving excellent trash hauling services and paying in the $10-12 per month range. The bottom line is these people will receive sizable increases to subsidize others who are paying more. This is of no concern to Mr. Earls as he lives in an area that does not come under the new trash regulations.

Some residents will get screwed. The question is, will you be the screw-er or the screw-ee?

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  1. Having the County contract for trash pickup on behalf of its residents is one of the worst ideas to have surfaced in a very long time.

    I do not need the County in order to have my trash picked up.

    I do not want the County to act on my behalf to determine by whom, when, and how my trash will be picked up, and at what cost to me.

    I do not trust the County to act in my best interests when contracting for this service and ensuring its chosen contractor provides an appropriate level of service
    at modest cost.

    There is no need for the County to add trash collection to its responsibilities. Even the County's most populous municipality, Florissant, allows residents to arrange their own trash hauling. If Florissant, which regulates more matters more
    strictly than the vast majority of municipalities, sees no need to become involved in trash hauling, one must question what useful, or even legitimate, purpose is
    served by the County seeking to do so.

    We do not need a larger, more powerful County government. We should not risk having trash collection, which would be among the largest contracts ever let by the County, become a way of dispensing political patronage or funneling tax dollars to favored