Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New St. Louis County trash service standards take effect

Trash haulers in St. Louis County must make once-a-week recycling pickups, or take measures that have the same effect, under new trash collection service standards that start Tuesday.

Now, about a third of the county's households receive this service, and the remainder have the option of getting it. Most households in the unincorporated area lack the service, as do about half of those in municipalities. The standard encourages "single-stream" recycling, where householders deposit all recyclable materials in a single container; sorting takes place at the places where haulers drop off these materials.

(Note: this is part of an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. For the entire article, click here.
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  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    The most effective way to either slow this thing or stop this thing is for the normal and everyday voters and residents to make direct contact with their council persons. Either email, phone call, letter, etc. The more the elected council persons hear from the voters about thier discontent, the more likely they will be to start listening. Elected persons FEAR voter reprisal, and if they get the message, they will respond. The challenge is to get enough folks expressing themselves to the elected few. It is effective, it does work, the power of the people will encourage change. But only if it is used. Too late after the fact, it is now or never. And in the end, if you are not happy with your representative, vote him or her out.

    Now, send that message, loud and clear.

  2. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I do not know who this Tim Fischesser is with the St. Louis Municipal League but in this article he states "Hauler costs will go down if they have less trash to deposit in landfills".
    The key word in his statement is "WILL". Has he talked to the landfill people to find that this is indeed what will happen? My guess is - probably not!
    If all of the haulers are now dumping 10 tons of trash per day and then suddenly are dumping, lets say, 5 tons per day, the landfills will be loosing money and they aren't going to stand for that. So, guess what?
    The price per ton just went up!
    The landfills are in business to make money not loose money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!