Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Homeowners Continue To Speak Out On Trash Program

Every local newspaper for the past year has featured an article about the St. Louis County’s plan for trash hauling redistricting. Many times it has been front page news. Obviously, it is of great concern to many citizens of South County.

If we look past the resentments of all those involved, perhaps there is a deeper problem represented.

Trash hauling has become a socialist enterprise trying to exist in a democratic/capitalistic society.

In other words, we all pay the same price no matter how much trash we individually generate. Those who generate three cans of trash weekly (perhaps because of their lack of recycling) pay as much as those who generate a half can weekly. Those with very little waste (usually retired folk on a fixed income) and up subsidizing the wastefulness of others

The whole system of trash hauling should be based on paying for a per pound of basis of trash hauled. Non-recyclables should be charged at a much higher costs than recyclables. This would introduce real fairness into the system and at the same time encourage recycling. Would it be so hard to outfit each trash truck with a scale to weigh trash before it is compacted and have the hauler record that or perhaps use bar-coded trash containers?

Please let us away our differences aside and work together towards a real solution to trash hauling. One that would be fair for all those involved and the environment.

. . . S.M. Nauert, South County

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  1. prshaw10:53 PM

    I really like this idea, but I think it would slow down the pickup service too much to actually work. I wonder if there could be a way to base it on the size of a trash can so weighing and proof of weight arguments could be bypassed.

    But this is the kind of thinking we need to find a solution instead of the blind opposition we seem to use so often.