Saturday, February 16, 2008

"NEW" - Subdivisions Moving to Opt-Out

As of January 25, more than 200 subdivisions choose to opt-out of the County's trash program. If your subdivision is "opting-out," please let us know and share your action with other subdivisions. Also, if your subdivision is "opting-in," send us a note. Since the February 1 "deadline" has passed, we may be discontinuing this list. If we can get a list of all 200+, we will publish this.

Subdivisions opting out (2/15/08):

Arbor Oaks, (192 homes) West County
Chalet Forest Subdivision (148 homes) South County
Chestnut Park, (351 homes) South County
Concordia Village Subdivision, (48 homes) Southwest County
Country Village Hills II, (108 homes) North County
Fontainbleau Estates, (18 homes) North County
Fox Woods, (206 homes) North County
Golden Gables (87 homes) South County
Green Valley Estates, (95 homes) South County
Hathaway Manor South (1,062) North County
Hawks View Estates (142 Homes) South County
Herman's Orchard (67 Homes) North County
Lake of The Woods Addition (67 homes) South County
Lake of the Wood Subdivision, (392 homes), South County
Mission Park East Plat 3, (142 homes) North County
Oakbriar Meadows Addition, (74) South County
Paddock Forest (434 homes & 270 condos) North County
Paddock Forest Addition No. 5, (75 homes) North County
River Walk at Bee Tree Park Subdivision (64 homes), South County
Royal Hills (106 homes) South County
Silver Leaves Subdivision, (36 homes) Southwest County
Silver Springs Plantation, (36 homes) South County
Tealridge Improvement Assoc. ,(120 homes)
Timber HillsTowne South (715 homes) South County

Village at Paddock Lake (73 homes) North County
Wood Glen Subdivision (7) South County
Wynfield Estates (124 homes) South County


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  1. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Although subdivisions my "Opt Out" according to County rules and guidelines, they will still be required to adhere and meet the New Minimum Standards outlined by the County Ordinance.
    The only thing they are Opting out of, is the District Bidding process, not the intent of the ordinance. They will still have to demonstrate they are meeting minimum county regulations.

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I don't see the standards being the problem. The problem is being forced to do business with a company you may not want to do business with . . . and paying a price that you could possibly be lower.

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    I just got a bill from Meridian Waste for trash pickup from Dec 1 to Jan 1. I was not aware that they were emptying my trash. I still have service with Waste Management and still using their dumpters. I am not paying Meridian Waste for service they DID NOT PROVIDE.