Sunday, December 30, 2007

FREE Legal Advice on Trash Issues

Do you have questions about the County’s trash program? Should your subdivision opt-in or opt-out? What are the advantages and disadvantages? While a lot of information is available at this web site, your questions and concerns may be of a legal nature.

As a community service, attorney Jerry Wamser will assist you with guidance and information at no cost. Mr. Wamser has been at the forefront of the trash issue since the very beginning. He knows all the key players and issues and is well qualified on this subject.

Questions? Call Jerry Wamser, Attorney at:


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  1. Anonymous8:01 AM


    Why doesn't the Missouri Hancock Amendment apply to this issue and allow for a vote of the people?

    This contracting could allow for increases in fees that are higher than allowed under Hancock, that should trigger a public vote.