Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trash Survey Results Show Problems With County’s Trash Program and Other Growing Problems in Subdivisions

Readers can download the survey results of subdivision trustees and residents regarding the County's trash collection program. While the survey was answered by just 167 individuals, they represent thousands of residents in their respective subdivisions across St. Louis County. In addition, they are technology related individuals since they responded to the survey electronically. They also represent the leadership of concerned citizens in the county.

The 16 question survey results are provided without comment. The survey was designed to be straight forward with questions such as "Did you know," and "Are you aware." The survey was conducted during October 2007.

Some questions had surprising results as follows:

> 60.5% feel the trash program being implemented is NOT a workable program.

> 46.1% of the country population was not even aware this program was scheduled to start as of January 1, 2008.

> 66.5% of residents do not want the county to decide on their trash hauler.

> 78.4% were not aware that 6 members of the county council voted on this but will not be affected by the legislation.

> 79% was not aware that County Executive Dooley and Chief Operations Officer, Garry Earls, are also not affected by this legislation.

> 74.9% do not think the county is doing an adequate job in educating the public about the proposal. This question resulted in 5 1/2 pages of problems currently being incurred in county subdivisions. The answers are unedited and listed as received.

> 74.2% do not feel St. Louis County communicates well with subdivision trustees.

A copy of the entire 16 question survey can be downloaded at:


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