Sunday, November 04, 2007

Comments Received From Viewers Raise Serious Questions About County’s Trash Program

During recent days, we received a number of comments posted at this site regarding the County's implimentation of the new trash program. The following are worth posting outside of the comment's section.


>>> If the District plan is allowed to proceed, over 100,000 residents will be affected at once. Disturbing customer service, overloading phone lines, causing traffic flow disruption at the same time Highway 40 is shut down, will change residents normal routine. If contracts are let, residents will have contractors they are not familiar with, will have a change in collection days, will have a change in collection times, will experience mass confusion with billing that must be terminated, and new billing that must be set up, causing errors, confusion and delays.

>>> Those Recycle Carts that the County continues brag about and give away, will cost the County in excess of $3 million dollars. This needs to be investigated.

>>> County Council is hiding behind County Administration on this one. They are bowing to Administration pressure and avoiding the issue. Council has the power to bring control to this.

>>> What happens when contracted Districts are downsized and broken apart by Muni Annexation? This could potentially financially ruin a contractor. Who compensates for the contracted work that evaporates?

>>> The County spokespersons are saying that every person will be charged for Recycling, whether they use the service or not. That every person will be charged for trash service whether they need or not. Some people bring their waste to their place of business to utilize their commercial service. Some folks recycle at their church or school. All residents will be charged for service whether they use or not. Sort of sounds like the MSD lateral sewer repairs on property taxes. If you are on septic system, you still have to pay. County ordinance requires you pay, but not that you use. Failure to pay, will bring county prosecution and large fines against you. Wheter you use or not, whether you need or not.

>>> All the County ordinance 607 requires is that all licensed haulers must provide for a minimum of 1x trash and 1x recycling. It does not require this District plan at all. The Ordinance also requires that residents have access to 1x trash and 1x recycling, it does not require they use it. The ordinance is flawed and should be corrected before this District plan is enabled.


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    At several meetings along the way, members of the county staff have said that the containers didn't cost the county anything, but were paid for by a grant from the feds.

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    The containers are not from Grant money, but from user fees collected by the county at landfills and transfer stations. These user fees, are actually consumer fees built into pricing. The funds are not Federal or State grant money.