Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Your Opinion Count, LLC - A Non-Partisan Political Action Organization

County officials are pushing to pass a new trash hauling bill on November 6th with even worse conditions according to Make Your Opinion Count, a Non-Partisan Political Action Organization recently established to recall this legislation.

This new trash bill proposes that:

1) The bidding for UP TO FIVE YEAR EXCLUSIVE contracts for trash service for your home in unincorporated Saint Louis County be done ALL on ONE day (Feb. 1, 2008). (with a postponement for certain subdivisions).

2) Sadly, the costs for a small hauler to submit a bid are so high the small haulers will be lucky to afford to bid on even one. So, if they lose that bid they will have little chance to stay in business.

3) Starting on April 15, 2008 all haulers serving any resident in the county (including all sub-divisions) must provide and BILL FOR recycling pickups and the other elements of the County’s Definition of Minimum Service – no matter what the resident desires.

4) Any home that does not agree to have the hauler which wins the bid for their district pick up their trash will be CITED by the County and PROSECUTED for non participation. Haulers which do not win a district bid will be prohibited from serving any non-sub-division home in a district.

5) This ugly trash bill, of course, comes on top of the Council’s refusal to roll-back or at least reduce the County’s large increases in this year’s real estate assessments.

The organization’s efforts are to get the County’s bureaucracy to listen to the voices of citizens into other arenas – public events, the media, and the courts. To do this effectively will take some money – but not as much as we first thought.

Political and legal volunteers have identified several steps that can be taken that have a good chance to slow or stop the implementation of the County’s Trash Plans and put pressure on the Council members to revisit their decisions. There is still time for the Council to respond to public opinion or face a wave of growing voter anger at the next elections.

Make Your Opinion Count is seeking volunteer to talk to friends and neighbors, write letters to the media, and even attend rallies.

For more information, contact:
P.O. Box 20161,
Saint Louis, MO 63123
Telephone : 314-352-6300

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